Today, while my guys were enjoying car races, my daughter and I spent some time together… girl’s day out. During our strolls, I noticed we used our hands a lot. We lathered our hands with body scrub and enjoyed our smooth soft hands. We touched massage bars, and hydrated them with a warm vanilla lotion. We opened doors, carried bags, and hugged each other. We also practiced good disease prevention measures while out and washed our hands and used hand-sanitizer.

Our hands are such a wonderful part of our body. I feel so blessed to be able to use my hands. “May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us, and establish the work of our hands for us; yes, establish the work of our hands!” Psalm 90:17. What a wonderful prayer. May God establish the work of our hands… this got me thinking. November is right around the corner. It is my favorite month, not only because God allowed me to be born that month, but also because we celebrate Thanksgiving, one of my favorite festivities and it marks the start of Christmas season (which I love as well).

Family gatherings, gifts, delicious food, sharing the love of Jesus, and giving are some of the activities we practice starting in November. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas… the season has been commercialized and it seems it’s all about receiving instead of giving.

November is a great opportunity to continue using the wonderful gift of our hands that God has given to us. I am challenging myself during my favorite month to make giving a priority, and I invite you to join me during this November challenge. I can’t find a better way to celebrate my month that to share with others. There is so much we can give, and it’s not always money.

Here is a list of some things we can give. I have added 30 items to the list because November has 30 days. It is not a list written in stone, but I can delete, change, adjust, be flexible, and you can too. It is not something to add stress to our life because we have to do it, but an activity to enjoy and make it part of our lifestyle.

November Giving Challenge:

  1. Give a smile
  2. Give a hug
  3. Give a massage to your spouse
  4. Give a massage to your pet
  5. Give time to God by reading his word and talking with him
  6. Volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank or a local food bank
  7. Volunteer at Orlando Junior Academy garden or a local community garden
  8. Pay for someone’s coffee or drink at a coffee or smoothie shop
  9. Share a home cooked meal with a friend or neighbor
  10. Bake delicious sweets to share with co-workers or neighbors
  11. Donate to your favorite charity
  12. Walk, run, or bike for a local charity
  13. Give money or gift card to someone in need
  14. Give a kiss
  15. Read a book to a child at a school or a senior at a nursing home
  16. Help someone clean their house or yard
  17. Donate slightly used books to a school, library or charity such as Just 1 book
  18. Donate clothes or home items you no longer use to Goodwill
  19. Help someone paint or build a home
  20. Open the door for someone at a store
  21. Give kindness
  22. Pray and/or give words of encouragement to someone going through a difficult time
  23. Listen to a person that needs someone to hear them
  24. Send a thank you card to a dear friend for being your friend
  25. Give an appreciation card to your pastor for the great job he does
  26. Invite a family over for dinner
  27. Love others
  28. Give flowers to your parents and/or in-laws because they love you
  29. When you shop buy extra items and share them with a neighbor or any person just because
  30. Visit or call a person that is lonely or sick, in the hospital, at a nursing home or prison. Share the love of Jesus

Much more can be added to this list. I hope to share with you throughout or towards the end of the month some wonderful stories and blessings from this season of giving. God bless you as you join me in this adventure. Let’s have fun and spread God’s blessings.

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