Summer is the sweetest time of the year…literally. I am not a sugar person, but maybe it’s the summer heat or because I’m out and about with the kids, this time of the year I choose to give my taste buds a party with some yummy sugary treats. I want to share with you some of my local favorites.

  1. When it comes to cool treats, my absolute favorite is Jeremiah’s Italian Ice . I love their gelati in coconut and passion Fruit or if I crave a simple soft serve ice cream, the vanilla kiddie on a cone is my choice.
  2. Cupakes are so in… and I found this summer Smallcakes in Lake Mary  .I tasted the chocolate, peanut butter cup, red velvet, and german chocolate. It was an experience. These cupcakes are moist and not too sweet, the perfect combination of flavors. Their smallest cupcake is just the right size, although it leaves you anxiously waiting for your next visit.
  3. If I’m in the Puerto Rican spirit, and can’t travel to my beautiful island (staycation for me!!), I drive to El Coqui Bakery in Deltona. Their fabulous pastries are fluffy and full of flavor. My favorites are the quesito, a pastry filled with cream cheese and the pastelillo, a guava filled pastry with confectioners’ sugar on top. Just say hi to the owner for me when you visit, he is good looking like me, it runs in the family. I know he will make your experience at El Coqui Bakery, a wonderful one because he’s my brother.
  4. If popsicles is the way to go… try the delicious and refreshing one that Pop Craft. While strolling through the Orlando International Premier Outlets, I tried their organic coconut, it was so creamy and my son tried the strawberry lemon, so fruity and refreshing. I loved them, and they are made with whole fresh fruit.
  5. Now, if we are talking homemade desserts, there are so many places that have yummy, made with all their heart homemade desserts, but none like my home. I enjoy desserts I can make at home, or that my kids bake or prepare with love. My winner this time for homemade dessert because it’s simple and cool to enjoy during hot summer days is the Strawberry Cream Pie. My mom taught is to us, and now even my son prepares it when we have friends over for Sabbath lunch.


So if you are in central Florida visiting or live here and enjoying a summer staycation, indulge in these local delicacies or whip up your own signature family dessert.

Sweet love to you,



Rays of Blessings


It is so refreshing to see the sun peek through gray clouds. No matter how dark and ugly life sometimes seems, there are many good things that take place.

The past weeks have been hard. There has been much suffering in our Orlando Community but it has been a learning experience. We’ve seen the community come together, people helping and praying for each other. Among the sad experiences we can see numerous amazing stories that help with the healing process. That is a blessing.

In my personal life, my journey doesn’t always take the path I have planned, but those quick and unexpected turns keep me connected to God in prayer. He knows what is best, and when we need it most.

Some of the great blessings I’ve had so far this summer are:

  • My daughter is back home from college and I get to visit makeup counters, bookstores, coffee shops, and go to concerts with her.
  • My son has been helping around the house, and with the cars. He even started planning his summer business (washing cars & changing oil)
  • My husband just graduated as an Engineer. So much sacrifice, but so worth it.20160702_230748
  • I was recently recognized among 11 other amazing women by the local Hispanic magazine “Tu Revista Mujer”, during their tribute to Hispanic women from the community.20160606_130046
  • I enjoyed speaking with my mom during her birthday, and my dad for father’s day. Both celebrations occurred the same day this year.
  • My son and daughter have spoiled us cooking delicious meals.
  • My doggie lets me hug and kiss him so much. He is my therapy dog.
  • My hubby and kids show how much they love me, and love each other.
  • The Lord has given me the opportunity to wake up each day and see beautiful sunrises and sunsets.20160702_233145
  • Answered prayers. God opened the door of a summer job for my daughter.
  • Amazing weekend getaway to Miami.


  • God continues shining his love upon me.

De-Stress While You Commute


My self-talk, and sometimes crazy talk is real when I am on the road. Traveling 31 miles from home to work each day and back, can take the sanity out of any sane person. I think I’ve been commuting since I started to drive. Nothing has ever been close to my home… college, work, and even church were all outside of my immediate community. Well, enough of ranting you might say, it’s my choice of where I study, work, play and worship. “You got to do what you got to do”, and I have tried to do my best when on long drives and stuck in traffic.

I am already stressed and tired from a long day at work, so why make it worse during my drive back home. Sometimes I’m exhausted and what I most is to stop the car right in the middle of Interstate 4 (I-4) in Orlando, Florida, and call someone to come pick me up, or just run home, anything but stay sitting in my car and not getting home fast enough.

After so many years, I’ve learned, and it’s best to have a good attitude, than to be miserable. The commute is temporary, our well-being, and emotional intelligence is forever. Some of the best, odd and fun conversations happen in the car, as well as some deep thinking, and artistic expressions.

I learned while commuting that:

  • I can pump up the volume and dance like crazy, and sing without anyone criticizing me. I’m by myself so no other ears suffer.
  • You can be silly, and laugh without ceasing. Start laughing loud and like a maniac and it could be contagious. Your kids will join you without even trying.
  • There is such thing as “carxercise”. You can move many parts of your body, tuck in your tummy, and do Kegels exercises. This will tone you and contribute to staying healthy.
  • My son knows more about cars that I could ever imagine. He loves cars, he knows the make and model and recognizes them from far, and is very inquisitive, and knows about fixing them too. Oh, and he loves to share the info with mom. Did you know how much a Bugatti costs?
  • You can listen to your children and teen’s conversations with friends while carpooling.
  • I can check in with the family while on Bluetooth. (remember no texting or distractions)
  • The car is a great place to be creative. Some of the best ideas for blog posts come from thinking while driving.
  • Driving long distance gives me quiet time to meditate, and think. I pray to my Lord, and listen to him.
  • I can cry and take out some of the heaviness of life while driving, and quickly compose myself. Most importantly my car will not let anyone know about my little moment or temper tantrum (that happens sometimes, and no one is affected by it).
  • The world is a colorful masterpiece. Looking out the window to see the sun rising, or the blue shades in the sky brings peace to my soul. There is also lots of concrete, man-made structure, and I delight in those as well, since God created man with such talent.

Dancing, singing, crying, talking, observing, listening, praying are some of the activities I use to de-stress while commuting. There are plenty more. The most important point for me, is to make it a safe, and productive drive. To be polite on the road, and not be mad at people who do many things that make others lose their temper while on the road. No one has the fault of how our day is going, so we should do our best to not take it on others.

Enjoy your ride. We have to go to work anyway, might as well make it fun and not stressful.



It’s Friday afternoon and if your not in the cooking mood, this simple salad is filling and delicious. You can use any veggies in your fridge, and healthy toppings.

I used a tortilla bowl made in the oven with my “Perfect Tortilla Pan Set”. Use your favorite flour or whole wheat tortilla, place it on the pan and place in the oven for 7 minutes.

Salad Ingredients:

  • Chopped romaine lettuce
  • Chopped spinach
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Walnuts
  • Blueberries
  • Hummus
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil
  • Salt (optional)

Add all the ingredients into the tortilla bowl, drizzle the olive oil, sprinkle the salt, and add some hummus on top. Mine was delicious and light.

Make your simple salad. Add other toppings or veggies such as avocado, black olives, kale, other nuts, and herb. Be creative, the kitchen is your art studio.


Buen Provecho!

Bon Appétite!



Looking to change a bit my breakfast meal, I decided to add more veggies to a regular omelet or scrambled egg. March is National Nutrition Month®, and I am purposefully adding more veggies to my family meals. I don’t want to just add vegetables, and eat healthy, I want to enjoy the process. “Savor the Flavor of Eating Right” is this month’s theme, so while I cook, and eat each meal, I want to enjoy the aromas of the meal prep, savor the delicious flavors on my plate, and love the time we spend as a family  at the table.

Kale has many benefits, including vitamin A, C, K, and B; as well as antioxidants. One cup of kale has only 33 calories, and 3 grams of protein. Learn more about the benefits here.

Recipe ingredients:

1 egg (substitute: egg white, or egg substitute)

Variety/colorful peppers chopped (desired amount)

Onion chopped (desired amount)

Kale (desired amount)

Cooking spray or 1 tablespoon of olive oil


1.Spray the pan with cooking spray or add the oil on medium heat

  1. Sauté the peppers and onion
  2. Add the Kale and sauté for a few minutes
  3. Add scrambled egg
  4. Cook until egg is done (not runny)
  5. You may turn to make it scrambled, I prefer to just cook on one side and turn to cook on the other side (my style of omelet).
  6. Savor all the flavors




Mornings might mean grabbing a quick breakfast and rushing out the door. A quick breakfast can still be healthy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it a delicious one.

Add a little green to your toast. Toasts with avocado are yummy, healthy and easy to prepare.

Avocados have many vitamins and minerals including potassium (which helps control blood pressure), lutein (which is good for your eyes), and folate (which is crucial for cell repair and during pregnancy). They are a good source of B vitamins, which help you fight off disease and infection. They also give you vitamins C and E, plus natural plant chemicals that may help prevent cancer.

Avocados contain fiber, which helps you feel full longer. Avocados are high in fat. But it’s monounsaturated fat, which is a “good” fat that helps lower bad cholesterol, as long as you eat them in moderation. Source: WebMD




Whole wheat bread
Olive oil
Salt (optional)

  1. Smash the garlic and add olive oil. Mix these to make garlic oil.
  2. Spread some oil over the slices of bread.
  3. Place the slices of bread in a toaster, a toaster oven, or on a press (George Foreman Grill).
  4. Let it toast as desired
  5. In a bowl puree the avocado and you may add salt (in moderation) for taste.
  6. Enjoy this delicious, filling, meal for breakfast, lunch or as a healthy snack.

You may also want to try the Puerto Rican style “Gaspacho”



2 Avocados
1 pound Cod fish (bacalao)
1 Tomato
1 Onion
Olive oil- amount desired

  1. The dry cod fish is very salt. Wash and rinse, and keep in water a few minutes to eliminate some of the salt.
  2. Shred the cod fish
  3. Cut the avocado in small pieces
  4. Cut tomato
  5. Cut the onion
  6. Add all ingredients together (cod fish, tomato, onion, and avocado)
  7. Mix
  8. Add the olive oil. Not too much, just enough so it is not too dry and mixes well.
  9. Eat as a salad, on toast, on Puerto Rican, Italian or Cuban bread.

Try one of these avocado alternatives this week, and let me know how you like it.


“Jab” through 2016


January is almost over, and 2016 has been to a good start. Every December 31st  I always think that when January 1st rolls around it should start perfect, no out of the ordinary issues, smooth, perfect… just like I wish and envision my entire year.

But the “wiser” and “experienced” I get, I learn and realize that life is life. Life has ups and downs, turns and curves, and these do not stop on the final month of the year ending with the magic number 31.

One new change in my new year is… no resolutions for me and I am happy. No list for myself to police and stress about, instead I just focus and refocus. There are three areas in my life in which I have been focusing:

  1. God filled life
  2. Family surrounded life
  3. Simple life

These three areas for me are all encompassing and capture the most important things for me.

One new activity I have incorporated to my 2016 is a boxing workout. This simple addition has made a wonderful, positive impact in my life and my family.

Among “jab”, “cross”, “hook”, and “uppercuts” we have found an all-encompassing family activity. I have been married for almost 22 years and had never found a consistent workout that my husband would enjoy doing with me. I practiced workout DVD’s at home, walked the dog, among others. I invited him and he went several times to keep the wife happy… but it did not motivate him, so it did not become part of his lifestyle. Of course, as a family we enjoyed playing tennis, basketball, riding our bikes, but each activity is depending on weather, schedules, desires, etc.

Now, I can say title boxing club was God sent and what we were all looking for. This boxing workout has been the first consistent workout we have done together, and no complaints. It’s amazing, we all dress up, get in the car, go to the gym (no excuses), we just look forward to it.

It’s a 1-hour workout, and I had never sweat that much in my life. It includes warm up, eight rounds of boxing, and core. We are enjoying the following benefits:

  1. Family time
  2. Stress relief
  3. Increased energy
  4. Friendly staff, trainers, and club members
  5. Gaining strength (toned muscles) and confidence
  6. Maintaining or losing weight (each member of the family has different goals)
  7. Memory improvement and hand-eye coordination (learning the combinations will keep my brain young)


Each person is unique and have unique desires and personal goals. Mine was finding more family time while taking care of our health together. Find what works for you in 2016 and stick to it. You might want to enjoy boxing; the first shot is free. Join me.



Rushed out of work, tired, hungry, needed to buy an outfit for a holiday party. Where should I go? Kohl’s? The mall? Can’t find a dress, nothing fits right… oh my… has this happened to you before?

This doesn’t seem like a positive or uplifting way to start a blog.  Well, I think we all have been in a situation where we can’t find what we are looking for, clothes do not fit like we would like them too, or we are just not in the mood for shopping , talking, or being around people.

The way I feel and act with myself and around others can be influenced by many factors.  Our attitude plays a key role in being able to enjoy the moment and accomplish the many big or small goals we have. Something such as finding the perfect, comfortable, beautiful, and affordable outfit for a Christmas party, which appears simple, can turn into a nightmare or a delightful experience.

There are many factors that can help find that perfect dress or whatever it is you are searching for.

Last week, I did leave work tired, but something was different… you guessed it. My attitude. I was calm, not rushing, I prayed and asked God to help me find the right dress, at the right price. After parking, I entered the mall through JC Penney. My intention was to go to another store, but as I walked through JCP, I noticed many dresses, and started to pick some. My arms where holding seven hangers full of colorful dresses. The fitting room received me with a full length mirror that was glad to see me (other times not so much L). From the first dress I tried on to the last, they all fit so well, and I felt wonderful about it. Acting as a teenager taking selfies, I sent them to my husband via text to see which he preferred. He selected one or two, but how much did they cost? Of course, I could not buy all seven, even though the vision of upgrading my wardrobe was tempting, they were priced at $72-$80 each. Always carrying coupons, and after making my selection of the top 3, they all turned out to about $30 each. Was I happy? I almost danced my way out of the store.

That day was a perfect shopping day. I thought… “It had to be the hair”. The same week I had my hair done, so I was feeling extra beautiful. When I looked at the mirror, I saw the dress, and I saw my shiny, straight brunette locks, recently styled by a great friend and awesome hairdresser. No matter if I did not have my hair done, I believe it would have been a fantastic shopping experience.

We can do some things to change our attitude and helps us enjoy the moment we live in. Check out these tips:

  • Think positive thoughts and say positive words. Make sure you are thinking that you will find that perfect dress and say it out loud to yourself. “Today is the day, I will find that silky little black dress under $50.”
  • Surround yourself with positive and optimistic people. Positivity is contagious.
  • Eat well. Fuel your body with healthy food such as fruits, and vegetables. Make sure you are not hungry when you want to try to make your purchases, since you want to focus on the outfit not the stomach.
  • Being active can improve our mood and energy. Make space each day for your 30 minute workout.
  • Be rested. Sleep is very important. Get in your 7-8 hours of sleep each night, and plan to go shopping when you are less tired.
  • Plan ahead of time. Know when you will go to the store, and allot the specific time you will need. This will help prevent rushing.
  • God can help us in the little things as well as He does with the big issues. We just have to ask him.
  • Do your hair. If you can, there is a plus with having that feeling that you can conquer the world. Whatever gives you the “you can do this” feeling, go for it… Maybe it’s being comfortable, feeling in the Christmas spirit, getting your exercise in, putting some makeup on or having your hair blow dried.

I practiced some of the above tips, but without a doubt my hair helped me that day too.




My last stop involved a very known craft store. I love going there. My intention was to buy a wheat bunch to complete my thanksgiving table. Wait, $10 and I will not use it again. Maybe I should just buy a bunch of twigs… $9.95. I asked my son, what do you think? “Buy the wheat mom, that’s what you came for.” The line is too long. Ok, I’m not going to buy it. I just couldn’t see myself spending another few dollars on something that I will probably throw away. Then my son said the most beautiful words I could’ve heard at that moment… let’s go to the park and get twigs, branches, and pine-cones. Love it, let’s do it.

I am a simple and practical person. My idea of decorating is switching things around, changing from room to room, and using everyday items, such as food. Why hide in a cold dark box the most beautiful, colorful, delicious item God has created…FRUITS. This can compare to Luke 11:33, “No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light.” We do not hide the word of God, we share it with others. I would like to apply this to a healthy lifestyle as well. We can use our fruits and veggies to decorate, and have them artfully displayed for our guests to enjoy visually, and to eat them if it is their desire. Fruits are yummy, and almost everyone loves them.

For Thanksgiving I did pick up my twigs, and pine-cones at the park, and I also created a gorgeous centerpiece for guests to enjoy. The internet is very good at providing ideas, and I came across this great website Lily Shop . It provides step by step instructions and inspiring pictures on how to make a cornucopia out of pizza dough. On Wednesday, I went on to work on my cornucopia. Here are my pictures of the process.

  1. Create the mold out of aluminum foil.


2. Use pizza dough, roll it out, cut it in 2-inch strips. Make one braided strip for the top of cornucopia.


3. Cover the mold with non-stick spray and cover it with the pizza dough strips.

20151125_173520 (1)



4. Place in the oven at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes.



5. Dress it up with Fruits and place on your table. My fine sculpture was filled with fruits, and nuts, and was gorgeously dressing my Thanksgiving table.


Let’s have Fruit Meet Décor, and create Fruit galleries throughout our home. A glass bowl with lemon and tangerines, a basket full of apples and grapes, a pineapple opened to hold other fruits.  You’ve seen those edible arrangements, that some chefs prepare so fancy. Maybe we are not the most skilled in that area, but the fruits are art in themselves.

I am starting to think on some ideas maybe with berries for Christmas. Enjoy your Christmas and make it a fruity one.



20151115_105506-1 (1).jpg

The weather was cool, as expected during fall, and I was breathing the pure air of the relaxing and amazing Camp Kulaqua retreat. This haven from the everyday busyness of life was filled with beautiful trees. My husband and I walked holding hands and enjoying nature. All of a sudden something fell on me. My first reaction was immediately to look up and try to find what fell, then I looked down and checked the floor to possibly figure out what I needed to run from.

This simple experience got me thinking. I have caught myself many times looking up… noticing the ceilings of homes and churches, the remarkable work of art of architects and construction workers. Elegant chandeliers also adorn the inside of magnificent hotels. Laying down on freshly cut grass, I can see the fluffy white clouds and the interesting shapes they create. Looking up… for me is a time to stop and think, ask questions, and meditate.


Looking up is something the disciples did when they saw Jesus ascend into heaven. Acts 1:10 says that they were looking intently up into the sky as he was going.  They were looking intently…observing, thinking, asking themselves questions, meditating on their relationship with him.

Having a positive outlook in life is a way of looking up on life events. A positive attitude is an important step in the journey of life. This is a time of perceptions. How people perceive things, does not mean it is in reality what they think it is.

Have you at any point in your life thought… I don’t like ______? Fill in the blank. I don’t like school, college, work, getting up early, math, practicing piano, change, and the list can be infinite. This does not necessarily mean you will stop going to work, college or school, or resist changes occurring in your life. Many factors affect our view of the different responsibilities we have, with prayer, and support we push through those phases and at some point we will love or like something we disliked in the past. Now, how we are perceived during this phase is important. People can see us looking down, not being able to accomplish the goals we have in front of us. Making it a point to look up, have a positive viewpoint, put everything into perspective. Imagine your future… leave in the past the negative that can bombard the mind.

Let people ask us, just as the disciples were asked in Act 1:11, “why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.” Why are you looking up? And we can respond “we are watching for falling nuts or a shower of blessings that is pouring over me.”






20151115_105506-1 (1)

El clima era frío, como se espera durante el otoño, y yo estaba respirando el aire puro y relajante de Camp Kulaqua. Este refugio que nos retira de la vida ajetreada estaba lleno de hermosos árboles. Mi esposo y yo caminamos tomados de la mano y disfrutando de la naturaleza. De repente algo cayó sobre mí. Mi primera reacción fue de inmediato mirar hacia arriba y tratar de encontrar lo que cayó, y luego miré hacia abajo para averiguar posiblemente de que tenía que huir.

Esta sencilla experiencia me hizo pensar. Me he sorprendido a mí misma muchas veces mirando hacia arriba … mirando los techos de las casas e iglesias, la notable obra de arquitectos y trabajadores de la construcción. Elegantes lámparas también adornan el interior de magníficos hoteles. Acostada sobre la hierba recién cortada, puedo ver las nubes blancas mullidas y las formas interesantes que crean. Mirando hacia arriba para mí es un momento para detenerme y pensar, hacer preguntas, y meditar.


Mirar hacia arriba es algo que los discípulos hicieron cuando vieron a Jesús ascender al cielo. Hechos 1:10 dice que ellos se quedaron mirando fijamente al cielo mientras se iba. Ellos se quedaron mirando fijamente … observando, pensando, haciéndose preguntas, meditando sobre su relación con él.

Tener una actitud positiva en la vida es una forma de mirar para arriba en eventos de la vida. Una actitud positiva es un paso importante en el camino de la vida. Esta es una época de percepciones. Como la gente percibe las cosas, no quiere decir que es en realidad lo que ellos piensan que es.

¿Pensaste en algún momento de tu vida … No me gusta ______? Llena el espacio en blanco. No me gusta la escuela, universidad, trabajo, levantarme temprano, matemáticas, practicar el piano, pasar por cambios, y la lista puede ser infinita. Esto no significa necesariamente que usted va a dejar de ir al trabajo, la universidad o la escuela, o resistir los cambios que ocurren en su vida. Muchos factores afectan nuestra visión de las diferentes responsabilidades que tenemos, con oración y apoyo podemos pasar a través de esas fases y en algún momento vamos a disfrutar y nos va a gustar algo que no nos gustó en el pasado. Ahora, cómo se nos percibe en esta fase es importante. La gente puede vernos mirando hacia abajo, al no ser capaz de lograr las metas que tenemos frente a nosotros. Tenemos que intencionalmente mirar hacia arriba, mantener un punto de vista positivo, poner todo en perspectiva. Imagina tu futuro … deja en el pasado lo negativo que puede bombardear la mente.

Que la gente nos pregunte, tal como se le pregunto a los discípulos en Hechos 1:11 “¿por qué estáis mirando al cielo? Este mismo Jesús, que ha sido tomado de vosotros al cielo, vendrá otra vez de la misma manera que lo han visto ir al cielo. “Si se nos pregunta… ¿Por qué estás mirando para arriba? Podemos responder “estamos viendo la caída de nueces o una lluvia de bendiciones que se derrama sobre mí.”