Messed Up

As I watched my grandson build a cabin with his Lincoln Logs, I reminisce about my son when he was that age. He used to play with those same Lincoln Logs and make parking lots for his cars. Now he is 18 and working on real cars!! Where has time gone? I observe my grandson’s … Continue reading Messed Up

Learn and Teach

The unexpected experiences we have had to endure these past years have impacted all of us. The pandemic has forced us to learn to adjust. Although it has been hard, it has also allowed time for creativity and innovation. The time spent in our homes with our immediate family while in quarantine and lockdowns provided … Continue reading Learn and Teach

Missing Ornament

During the holidays life gets hectic and we might lose sight of what is most important. The pressure of having Instagram perfect decoration or never ending shopping consumes the season for many people. As I was decorating our Christmas tree this year, little hands helped me place special ornaments on the tree. I don’t need … Continue reading Missing Ornament

Hold On Tight

Growing up on an island full of mountains is a beautiful experience but it also brings long drives though curvy roads that make your stomach turn. I enjoy road trips but when we drove to church retreats or other places out in the mountains it was a good 1-2 hour drive and we made sure … Continue reading Hold On Tight


Summer is the sweetest time of the year…literally. I am not a sugar person, but maybe it’s the summer heat or because I’m out and about with the kids, this time of the year I choose to give my taste buds a party with some yummy sugary treats. I want to share with you some … Continue reading SWEET SUMMER

Rays of Blessings

It is so refreshing to see the sun peek through gray clouds. No matter how dark and ugly life sometimes seems, there are many good things that take place. The past weeks have been hard. There has been much suffering in our Orlando Community but it has been a learning experience. We’ve seen the community … Continue reading Rays of Blessings