Rushed out of work, tired, hungry, needed to buy an outfit for a holiday party. Where should I go? Kohl’s? The mall? Can’t find a dress, nothing fits right… oh my… has this happened to you before?

This doesn’t seem like a positive or uplifting way to start a blog.  Well, I think we all have been in a situation where we can’t find what we are looking for, clothes do not fit like we would like them too, or we are just not in the mood for shopping , talking, or being around people.

The way I feel and act with myself and around others can be influenced by many factors.  Our attitude plays a key role in being able to enjoy the moment and accomplish the many big or small goals we have. Something such as finding the perfect, comfortable, beautiful, and affordable outfit for a Christmas party, which appears simple, can turn into a nightmare or a delightful experience.

There are many factors that can help find that perfect dress or whatever it is you are searching for.

Last week, I did leave work tired, but something was different… you guessed it. My attitude. I was calm, not rushing, I prayed and asked God to help me find the right dress, at the right price. After parking, I entered the mall through JC Penney. My intention was to go to another store, but as I walked through JCP, I noticed many dresses, and started to pick some. My arms where holding seven hangers full of colorful dresses. The fitting room received me with a full length mirror that was glad to see me (other times not so much L). From the first dress I tried on to the last, they all fit so well, and I felt wonderful about it. Acting as a teenager taking selfies, I sent them to my husband via text to see which he preferred. He selected one or two, but how much did they cost? Of course, I could not buy all seven, even though the vision of upgrading my wardrobe was tempting, they were priced at $72-$80 each. Always carrying coupons, and after making my selection of the top 3, they all turned out to about $30 each. Was I happy? I almost danced my way out of the store.

That day was a perfect shopping day. I thought… “It had to be the hair”. The same week I had my hair done, so I was feeling extra beautiful. When I looked at the mirror, I saw the dress, and I saw my shiny, straight brunette locks, recently styled by a great friend and awesome hairdresser. No matter if I did not have my hair done, I believe it would have been a fantastic shopping experience.

We can do some things to change our attitude and helps us enjoy the moment we live in. Check out these tips:

  • Think positive thoughts and say positive words. Make sure you are thinking that you will find that perfect dress and say it out loud to yourself. “Today is the day, I will find that silky little black dress under $50.”
  • Surround yourself with positive and optimistic people. Positivity is contagious.
  • Eat well. Fuel your body with healthy food such as fruits, and vegetables. Make sure you are not hungry when you want to try to make your purchases, since you want to focus on the outfit not the stomach.
  • Being active can improve our mood and energy. Make space each day for your 30 minute workout.
  • Be rested. Sleep is very important. Get in your 7-8 hours of sleep each night, and plan to go shopping when you are less tired.
  • Plan ahead of time. Know when you will go to the store, and allot the specific time you will need. This will help prevent rushing.
  • God can help us in the little things as well as He does with the big issues. We just have to ask him.
  • Do your hair. If you can, there is a plus with having that feeling that you can conquer the world. Whatever gives you the “you can do this” feeling, go for it… Maybe it’s being comfortable, feeling in the Christmas spirit, getting your exercise in, putting some makeup on or having your hair blow dried.

I practiced some of the above tips, but without a doubt my hair helped me that day too.


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