“Jab” through 2016


January is almost over, and 2016 has been to a good start. Every December 31st  I always think that when January 1st rolls around it should start perfect, no out of the ordinary issues, smooth, perfect… just like I wish and envision my entire year.

But the “wiser” and “experienced” I get, I learn and realize that life is life. Life has ups and downs, turns and curves, and these do not stop on the final month of the year ending with the magic number 31.

One new change in my new year is… no resolutions for me and I am happy. No list for myself to police and stress about, instead I just focus and refocus. There are three areas in my life in which I have been focusing:

  1. God filled life
  2. Family surrounded life
  3. Simple life

These three areas for me are all encompassing and capture the most important things for me.

One new activity I have incorporated to my 2016 is a boxing workout. This simple addition has made a wonderful, positive impact in my life and my family.

Among “jab”, “cross”, “hook”, and “uppercuts” we have found an all-encompassing family activity. I have been married for almost 22 years and had never found a consistent workout that my husband would enjoy doing with me. I practiced workout DVD’s at home, walked the dog, among others. I invited him and he went several times to keep the wife happy… but it did not motivate him, so it did not become part of his lifestyle. Of course, as a family we enjoyed playing tennis, basketball, riding our bikes, but each activity is depending on weather, schedules, desires, etc.

Now, I can say title boxing club was God sent and what we were all looking for. This boxing workout has been the first consistent workout we have done together, and no complaints. It’s amazing, we all dress up, get in the car, go to the gym (no excuses), we just look forward to it.

It’s a 1-hour workout, and I had never sweat that much in my life. It includes warm up, eight rounds of boxing, and core. We are enjoying the following benefits:

  1. Family time
  2. Stress relief
  3. Increased energy
  4. Friendly staff, trainers, and club members
  5. Gaining strength (toned muscles) and confidence
  6. Maintaining or losing weight (each member of the family has different goals)
  7. Memory improvement and hand-eye coordination (learning the combinations will keep my brain young)


Each person is unique and have unique desires and personal goals. Mine was finding more family time while taking care of our health together. Find what works for you in 2016 and stick to it. You might want to enjoy boxing; the first shot is free. Join me.

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