Cozy in Arizona

I recently finished reading the book “The Art of Arranging Yourself in the World… Cozy” by Isabel Gillies. My daughter knows me well, she gifted me this book. I completely identify with the author and have always looked for the coziness in all things. From a hot cup of tea, yoga, cuddling on the sofa … Continue reading Cozy in Arizona

Learn and Teach

The unexpected experiences we have had to endure these past years have impacted all of us. The pandemic has forced us to learn to adjust. Although it has been hard, it has also allowed time for creativity and innovation. The time spent in our homes with our immediate family while in quarantine and lockdowns provided … Continue reading Learn and Teach

Rays of Blessings

It is so refreshing to see the sun peek through gray clouds. No matter how dark and ugly life sometimes seems, there are many good things that take place. The past weeks have been hard. There has been much suffering in our Orlando Community but it has been a learning experience. We’ve seen the community … Continue reading Rays of Blessings


Today is a make your own word day… so I thought I could celebrate one of my personal goals by making my own word…Hoopniversary!!!! I am celebrating my 2 month Hoopniversary. I have kept for two months straight my commitment of doing 30 minutes of exercise 4 days a week, and specifically I wanted to … Continue reading HOOPNIVERSARY