Today is a make your own word day… so I thought I could celebrate one of my personal goals by making my own word…Hoopniversary!!!! I am celebrating my 2 month Hoopniversary. I have kept for two months straight my commitment of doing 30 minutes of exercise 4 days a week, and specifically I wanted to keep up my Powerhoopz workout. Proud to say I have been able to get up early each morning (5:15 am to be more specific) to do my Powerhoopz workout.

What is Powerhoopz?

It is a weighted hula hoop workout system. Learn more here.

Why do I love it so much?

I have always practiced exercise on and off. Between the responsibilities life throws at me and being exhausted after work, I was not able to focus on a daily 30 minute exercise. When I learned about Powerhoopz, it really caught my attention, it looked fun, and I thought I give it a try. Loved it from the first day I tried it. It keeps me young and energized.

Benefits of my hooping workout:

Some of the benefits I have noticed while practicing my Powerhoopz workout are:

  1. Provides me energy to go through my day
  2. Tones my entire body
  3. Keeps my mind sharp- doing a crunch or squat and moving your arms while hooping will definitely workout your brain as well
  4. Makes me smile- it an enjoyable activity
  5. Keeps me young
  6. Brings back childhood memories
  7. Flattens my tummy and my clothes fit better

My goal is basically maintaining a healthy weight, keeping my heart healthy, preventing diseases, and having energy and a good attitude throughout my busy workday. Powerhoopz is helping me in all these areas. One of the benefits I enjoy most and I have seen a huge improvement is in my energy. I used to be always tired and have lots of stress. Exercise (Powerhoopz) along with healthy eating, a closer connection to my God (reading the bible and prayer), learning to be still, and great relationship with my family are life changing events that are helping me live a beautiful healthy collage.

My typical day includes healthy activities such as:

  1. Prayer
  2. Exercise (30 minutes)- Powerhoopz 4-5 days a week, Sunday walk or bike ride with the family, and Saturday rest
  3. Get connected with my Lord- I read the bible and listen to it on my car as well (great for long commutes)
  4. Green smoothie
  5. Water
  6. Work— hard to believe but work is important as well. God created work and we should have a positive attitude while doing our job. The key is to find a job you love and do your best.
  7. Eat—yummy!!! I do my best to plan for healthy meals and snacks, and cook at home. Having mom and dad invite me over for dinner also is a great plus during my week J
  8. Family time
  9. Clean and organize- keeping my house in order is a must for me. I’ve learned to not stress if something can’t be done, but do my best to maintain things where they are supposed to be, in drawers and closets, not on the living room floor.
  10. Sleep- I’ve been pretty good going to bed no later than 10:00 pm (except today… I’m writing this post), and I sleep wonderfully and all the way until 4:45 am. Where it all starts again…. Repeat, repeat. Resting is very important.

I know and you know that our day has lots more than a list of 10 items… no matter how little or how much we do in a day, I know for sure that the reason I can do all things is because Christ strengthens me. He is with me and for me, and I am grateful for each day he allows me to live. I want to live a life that glorifies Him.

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