De-Stress While You Commute


My self-talk, and sometimes crazy talk is real when I am on the road. Traveling 31 miles from home to work each day and back, can take the sanity out of any sane person. I think I’ve been commuting since I started to drive. Nothing has ever been close to my home… college, work, and even church were all outside of my immediate community. Well, enough of ranting you might say, it’s my choice of where I study, work, play and worship. “You got to do what you got to do”, and I have tried to do my best when on long drives and stuck in traffic.

I am already stressed and tired from a long day at work, so why make it worse during my drive back home. Sometimes I’m exhausted and what I most is to stop the car right in the middle of Interstate 4 (I-4) in Orlando, Florida, and call someone to come pick me up, or just run home, anything but stay sitting in my car and not getting home fast enough.

After so many years, I’ve learned, and it’s best to have a good attitude, than to be miserable. The commute is temporary, our well-being, and emotional intelligence is forever. Some of the best, odd and fun conversations happen in the car, as well as some deep thinking, and artistic expressions.

I learned while commuting that:

  • I can pump up the volume and dance like crazy, and sing without anyone criticizing me. I’m by myself so no other ears suffer.
  • You can be silly, and laugh without ceasing. Start laughing loud and like a maniac and it could be contagious. Your kids will join you without even trying.
  • There is such thing as “carxercise”. You can move many parts of your body, tuck in your tummy, and do Kegels exercises. This will tone you and contribute to staying healthy.
  • My son knows more about cars that I could ever imagine. He loves cars, he knows the make and model and recognizes them from far, and is very inquisitive, and knows about fixing them too. Oh, and he loves to share the info with mom. Did you know how much a Bugatti costs?
  • You can listen to your children and teen’s conversations with friends while carpooling.
  • I can check in with the family while on Bluetooth. (remember no texting or distractions)
  • The car is a great place to be creative. Some of the best ideas for blog posts come from thinking while driving.
  • Driving long distance gives me quiet time to meditate, and think. I pray to my Lord, and listen to him.
  • I can cry and take out some of the heaviness of life while driving, and quickly compose myself. Most importantly my car will not let anyone know about my little moment or temper tantrum (that happens sometimes, and no one is affected by it).
  • The world is a colorful masterpiece. Looking out the window to see the sun rising, or the blue shades in the sky brings peace to my soul. There is also lots of concrete, man-made structure, and I delight in those as well, since God created man with such talent.

Dancing, singing, crying, talking, observing, listening, praying are some of the activities I use to de-stress while commuting. There are plenty more. The most important point for me, is to make it a safe, and productive drive. To be polite on the road, and not be mad at people who do many things that make others lose their temper while on the road. No one has the fault of how our day is going, so we should do our best to not take it on others.

Enjoy your ride. We have to go to work anyway, might as well make it fun and not stressful.

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