Rays of Blessings


It is so refreshing to see the sun peek through gray clouds. No matter how dark and ugly life sometimes seems, there are many good things that take place.

The past weeks have been hard. There has been much suffering in our Orlando Community but it has been a learning experience. We’ve seen the community come together, people helping and praying for each other. Among the sad experiences we can see numerous amazing stories that help with the healing process. That is a blessing.

In my personal life, my journey doesn’t always take the path I have planned, but those quick and unexpected turns keep me connected to God in prayer. He knows what is best, and when we need it most.

Some of the great blessings I’ve had so far this summer are:

  • My daughter is back home from college and I get to visit makeup counters, bookstores, coffee shops, and go to concerts with her.
  • My son has been helping around the house, and with the cars. He even started planning his summer business (washing cars & changing oil)
  • My husband just graduated as an Engineer. So much sacrifice, but so worth it.20160702_230748
  • I was recently recognized among 11 other amazing women by the local Hispanic magazine “Tu Revista Mujer”, during their tribute to Hispanic women from the community.20160606_130046
  • I enjoyed speaking with my mom during her birthday, and my dad for father’s day. Both celebrations occurred the same day this year.
  • My son and daughter have spoiled us cooking delicious meals.
  • My doggie lets me hug and kiss him so much. He is my therapy dog.
  • My hubby and kids show how much they love me, and love each other.
  • The Lord has given me the opportunity to wake up each day and see beautiful sunrises and sunsets.20160702_233145
  • Answered prayers. God opened the door of a summer job for my daughter.
  • Amazing weekend getaway to Miami.


  • God continues shining his love upon me.

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