Huge smile

I was asked to send to the organizer of an event I was working on a photo of me… my headshot. Well, I took out my nice camera and after several poses, I picked a picture that I liked and sent it to him. While on a conference call, he asked if I could send him another picture, he explained the committee members thought I was smiling too much. “Sure, I’ll send another one but keep in mind, that’s who I am and that’s how I smile”. I did send him another picture but it didn’t change much. I love smiling, and the reality is I do have a huge smile. In my family portraits I have the biggest smile.


When to smile

Some people like my smile, others do not as you have seen. I know some people do appreciate my smile because they tell me and they also compliment my white teeth.

God created me with this smile and I cannot change it. A smile brightens up your day. I delight seeing people smile. It’s so refreshing to smile and have someone smile back at you. My kids always ask me, do you know that person? I do not know them, but we should smile to everyone. There are those that do not smile at all, maybe they haven’t learned how to smile or they are having a rough day or simply they do not want to smile. I smile to them anyway; it might just be what they need.

 What makes you smile

Many things make me smile…my kids, babies, my husband’s details, the beauty in nature, and I can go on and on. Animals always bring a smile to my face, especially dogs. I’m a dog lover. A few weeks ago, I was strolling beautiful Park Avenue in Winter park, Florida with my daughter. She stopped for a refreshing drink at a café and there was a gorgeous Great Dane relaxing on the side walk right in front of the coffee shop. While the puppy’s owner (puppy because the gigantic beast wasn’t a year old yet) was reading, he just enjoyed the view and the curious people that were passing by and stopping to pet him. This definitely made my white pearls show. I told my daughter that I would be outside enjoying the view and I sat there to contemplate this stunning black and white, spotted, shiny furry friend. I even asked the lady if I could take a picture of him, but she explained he had been corrected because he was barking at another dog, and he was upset and did not want to pose. She wants him to not be aggressive and learn. “He receives too much attention”, she explained. He was just lying down, so I respected her request—-I really wanted to show you the picture and have it for me—. Well, I have a vivid memory picture and it makes me smile.

Last Friday afternoon while traveling home after a long day at work, I was trapped in traffic. My lane was at a complete stop but the left lane was moving at a good pace. A semi-truck started to pass me, and I thought “Oh, even trucks are passing me, I need to change lanes”, but as the truck passed, I noticed the sweetest, cutest, Chihuahua peeking out the passenger window. The window was down, and he was enjoying the warm breeze and even happy to be passing us by. I think it might have been Take your dog to work day… Oh, this made me smile; no traffic could stop the joy that this doggie brought to me at that moment. The lane was going faster than mine because I had no time to take out my cell for a quick snapshot. My Snickers (miniature Schnauzer) makes me smile every day, so I have included his picture. Smile with me as you see him posing between some plants.


Reasons to smile

Smiling is contagious, makes us attractive, relieves stress, keeps us positive and can even help prevent diseases. What a marvelous God we have, He is all loving, all powerful, He created us and gave his only begotten son and we are saved. That is the best reason of all that should make us smile 24 hours, 7 days a week. More reasons to smile here .


Keep a smile on your lips at all times, even when trials and tribulations may come our way. Let the love of the Lord shine through us and help us cheer the lives of others.

Leave a comment here and share what has made you smile lately.

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