Missing Ornament

mateo missing ornament 20191211_192751 (2)

During the holidays life gets hectic and we might lose sight of what is most important. The pressure of having Instagram perfect decoration or never ending shopping consumes the season for many people. As I was decorating our Christmas tree this year, little hands helped me place special ornaments on the tree. I don’t need to have a specific theme or color for my tree, what makes it special is the collection of ornaments that tell the story of my family. Putting up the tree means reliving when my kids were in kindergarten and brought homemade ornaments which I still keep, or remembering many firsts and even handwritten ornaments with goals or words of thanksgiving from loved ones.

sophia decorating tree 20191117_102640 (2)

I showed my two and a half  year old granddaughter the ornaments that I have kept for many years as she placed some on the tree. The more fragile ones or with sentimental value I would place at the top and others non-breakable towards the bottom of the tree. The tree looks great and I am happy with how it looks. As the days went by, I noticed that the tree was a little empty towards the bottom. Many times when I arrived from work I would find ornaments on the floor or table, even in the bathroom. I forgot one important detail while decorating, I have a 1 year old active grandson. He is very curious and walking all around the house and of course this big colorful tree is on his list of things to explore. I patiently place the ornaments found towards the top of the tree, glue the ones broken and I think there may be a few that I am not sure where they are.

You see, family time is precious to me and what used to seem important no longer is. if you scroll through Facebook and while talking to friends and co-workers you hear of so many people going through difficult times. We all have a story to tell and unfortunately we have had rough moments during 2019. I don’t mind a non-perfect simple Christmas. What is important to me is God, family and friends.

I don’t need to sweep the whole house to find the missing ornament. If I find it, I will happily place it back where it belongs and if not I continue living my happy day. Knowing there is a missing ornament or a half-empty tree reminds me I have a house full of people I love, my husband, kids and grand kids and I would not have it any other way. Life is short, kids grow fast and Christmas is best enjoyed with little ones keeping me young.

Merry Christmas and may you join me in living an imperfect simple family life filled with joy and God’s love.

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