My last stop involved a very known craft store. I love going there. My intention was to buy a wheat bunch to complete my thanksgiving table. Wait, $10 and I will not use it again. Maybe I should just buy a bunch of twigs… $9.95. I asked my son, what do you think? “Buy the […]


Our New Home Decor As I promised in a previous post here are some pictures of my new living space. You can see the process  on my “Celebrating changes” blog post. I’m so happy that our family project has been completed. Took patience, time, collaboration, and hard work but it is such a great feeling […]


After 5 weeks more or less, we are celebrating our brand new floors in our home. What a sense of accomplishment, relief and freshness! Oh it has been quite a journey and a huge change in our home life. With some sparkling grape juice and apple cider we toasted for a job well done and a […]