Home is my favorite place to be, because home is where my family is. Of all the rooms, and furniture in my home, the one I believe we use the most is our dinner table. If you are a neat freak and entered into my home any day of the week, you might go running back out. My home is clean, and the living room will most likely be organized…but the dinner table seams as a tornado has passed through it leaving behind all the things it lifted up along the neighborhood. You’ll see papers, papers, and more papers, books, computers, fabric, markers, many other items, including a sewing machine.

I used to stress and go beyond my physical abilities to try to keep everything in place, but it all seemed to come back to the table. This effort only took up my time, energy and happiness. So, I had to learn to stop, breath, and pretend it wasn’t there. That nothing was there. An empty table is what I see where you see a full and busy table. This did not happen overnight. It took much prayer. In my younger years I remember wishing I could be a messy person. I still cringe with messes, but I continue to pray, and God continues working in me. He says, “Child, do not worry, place your worries on me”. I know he tells me to enjoy time with him and my family, and that is exactly what I have been doing.

Why have a messy table? Does it mean we do not eat at the table together as a family? We are blessed with a dinner table and a kitchen table. We love to eat as a family, and have great table talk, or some not so great talks if some family members are moody (reality)…, but as long as we are together we can bring our feelings to the table, and to God. When it’s time for dinner… let’s move the piles of paper and books.

Our table is a place where we work, do homework, draw, make crafts, complete sewing projects, play cards and board games, read, talk, decorate cakes, practice cooking skills, etc. you get the idea. My kids are very creative and I know God has provided the table as a tool to bring us together to complete projects as a family. Just this week, my 11 year old son taught me how to sew. He learned at school last year and has been doing some aprons, pillows, and bible covers. We recently completed a crafty apron. This was a wonderful mommy and son project that helped us bond. It gives me such a joy listening to his conversations and how he is already a great teacher. Both of my children love to bake and the table is where they gather for those projects.




Ten years with us with some scratches, dents, and some worn out paint…but they have a special sentiment for me. It’s where my family gathers. We meet at the table for the day to day activities, but we also open the doors of our home to family and friends to study the word, to laugh, to share a meal, for thanksgiving. At our table is where we show love. Saturdays are usually the only day that the tables are clutter free, ready for Sabbath time. My friends and family have sat at the table for delicious feasts, where papers and books no longer linger, but just big hearts and smiles.



 What is your favorite area or furniture in your home that brings your family together? Make time to create as a family, those are some of the best memories we can make with our children.

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