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(Photo courtesy of Melody Pagán)

A few months ago I caught myself saying that I did not have memories. Of course I did but I was referring to how difficult it was for me to remember certain things unless I saw pictures. If I saw a photo I thought I remembered that specific event, but in reality, my mind could not register the event. I was concerned I could not vividly remember the baby stages of my children.


With the rushed life we generally live, we hardly take time to slow down, and savor every moment. Quiet time is important in order to pay attention to detail and make wonderful memories to remember in the future. Some time back I started to slow down and have quiet time. It was like a movie flashed in front of my eyes. I started to remember but not only remember because I know it happened, but it was literally like seeing a colorful movie in front of me. This made me so happy, I want to keep special memories. We are blessed today with our wonderful cameras and hard drives to store our memories, but nothing beats the great creation of our Lord, our eyes and brain.

memory titi wedding

Memory of me being a bridesmaid at my aunt’s wedding… I then had the opportunity
to participate in her daughter’s weddings as well.


We live in advanced world. The latest in technology, dinner at our finger tips, advance in transportation as well as scientific and medical advances such as robotic surgeries. So much innovation right before our eyes, but along with it comes high cost and a much more busy life. Wise grandparents, parents and friends have shared with the younger generations that they used to buy 5 cents bread, they worked hard in their farms and walked everywhere. There was not as much sickness, and kids would actually spend more time outside playing and be called indoors just to have dinner and go to bed. Those good old days as many remember them. Hey, I was born the other day… and I still remember buying gum for 1 cent and Popsicle at 25 cents. Which time do you like better? Even with all the latest that is on hand, the modern trends in fashion point to our past. My teenager has a Polaroid camera, a typewriter, and is asking me for a record player. Was she born in the wrong era? I had those things, and as soon as the latest models came I got rid of the old.


adventurers memory

A friend shared on Facebook this memory with me. My son with his friends at Adventurers club.


Times change, but being thankful for every season we live is important. We can live now, and enjoy the good things from the past as well. Why not? My son was reading a book for school on the history of pizza…yum! Well, he read that in Italy a slice of pizza used to cost 2 cents. His immediate reaction was, 2 cents? I want to go there. That was funny. He can’t go back, and I don’t think that will be the cost of a slice of pizza anytime soon, but one thing I learned… every season, every year, is a time to create great memories. Some will make it into history books, some will just stay in our minds. Just like that slice of pizza made history and gets young ones thinking, what we have today will be told in the future.

So let’s live each day making time to reflect back and teach our children to slow down and create their own memories. They will have stories to tell just like our grandparents had stories for us. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to share my writing through this blog. This will make a great story for my future grand kids.

photo 2

 (Photo courtesy of Melody Pagán)


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