Our New Home Decor

As I promised in a previous post here are some pictures of my new living space. You can see the process  on my “Celebrating changes” blog post.

I’m so happy that our family project has been completed. Took patience, time, collaboration, and hard work but it is such a great feeling and a blessing to have completed this renovation and decoration (especially as a family!!).

This is how our living room and dinning room (Great room) looked before renovation:


I loved my home already…but we wanted to lighten up our area. Change up a little since it had been 10 years with carpet and about three years with the blue on the walls. Some of the things we did to update our area:

  • Replaced carpet for laminate wood floors- Shaw flooring in the Boulevard Cool Khaki color
  • Changed our turquoise blue walls- new color Benjamin Moore November Rain
  • Changed window curtains
  • Changed our sofas for a leather sectional



There are times for big renovations, and time for small updates to a home. Make each time an enjoyable one. It is always a good idea to keep your living space fresh. I have always loved to move furniture around, change wall decor, change window treatment, add a new lamp, or maybe just fresh flowers. I learned this with my mom. I love going to her house, it always has a welcoming feeling. I love visiting her bathroom. I am delighted to see her new shower curtain with its matching towels and wall decor. This may seem a simple thing to do, but it is a amazing feeling for the person that is decorating their space as well as for her guests. Just seeing the smile on my children’s face makes me happy.

I love that we can start this new season of our life with an up to date living environment where we can be healthy, praise God, study his word, relax, play, eat our favorite foods,  and just be ourselves. This is the space in which we choose to continue our family tradition and spend time with family and friends. So, I hope you join me this fall in having fun in your home, you might choose to just add some games (UNO cards, board games) to your already wonderful home.

Thanks for following me during this journey. A big hug from the Pagán Family to yours…


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