Did your alarm just go off? your first thoughts might have been…”oh no it’s Monday again!!” Do I have to go to work? Work is a big part of our life. We usually work, work, work… but we also need time to relax.

As a strolled through the majestic Leu Gardens rocking my Nikon camera with my photography skills I captured this breathtaking snapshot. Such a relaxing moment, a gorgeous sunflower and a tiny bee enjoying it’s mini-vacation on the flower’s yellow smooth petals. Or at least that’s what it seemed to me. I had to capture the moment.

Got to Work

Was the Bee on a mini-vacation? Bees represent a highly organized society with various bees having very specific roles during their lifetime. The worker bees take on a series of specific chores during their life including housekeeping, nursemaid, construction worker, grocer, undertaker, and guard. They work, they gather pollen and nectar and we are delighted and watching them work.

Love Your Job

We all have responsibilities in our daily lives. No matter what our role is inside or outside our homes let us enjoy it and have the best attitude. We can work and take vacations or rest time. Some might even say their work is their vacation, since its what they love to do. “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” (Colossians 3:23). Ms. Bee is a living proof of it. She loves the sunny like flower while working for her family. Enjoy all you do.. Be work or play or Play @ work. It’s all about having a positive attitude. Make it a wonderful Monday. Love to hear how your Monday or week is going.

Have a blessed one!



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