Living in central Florida, it’s great to get away for the weekend to a place that does not involve theme parks. I love the parks, but sometimes I just want to relax in a quiet, picturesque and cozy town like Savannah, Georgia. We have visited several times this charming town and I want to share the top 5 reasons why I love Savannah.

Reason #1: Warmth

Photo Courtesy of Melody Pagán

This weekend was pretty cold in Savannah but the friendly people made it such a warm place. People are always ready to share a smile and say hello or good morning. While walking many people made eye contact and shared a greeting and the waitress that assisted us during breakfast at J. Christopher’s was so friendly as well. This is something I’ve always loved. The people of Savannah were fabulous, and warm. Coffee Fox’s artistic hot cocoa also kept me warm.

Reason #2: Trees

Photo Courtesy of Melody Pagán

Savannah is encircled by trees, one of my favorite element from nature. While observing beautiful canopy of trees that make bridges above the streets, I marvel at God’s creation and learn many lessons from these majestic wonders.

Reason #3: Doors

Photo Courtesy of Melody Pagán

The delightful city has so many charming houses that are adorned by stunning doors. The sometimes curious shapes and original colors make me admire these great architectural artifacts. Doors take make me think of new opportunities just waiting to be opened, and they remind me that I have opened the door of my heart to my God. Revelation 3:20 says ‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.

Reason #4: Walls


wall art

Art is a way of living in Savannah, from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), to wonderful art stores, to unique and dazzling walls. Walking down Savannah streets, you can be sure to find a perfect wall to capture vivid pictures… graffiti or artsy painted walls, brick walls, or walls with greenery… just keep your eyes open to creativity and you will be sure to find a wall to capture a special memory.

Reason #5: Books


My daughter and I love books, and a weekend in Savannah is the perfect trip for reading or finding a good book. Nice small book stores or a great three story bookstore such as Ex Libris is sure to keep you entertained. We found the book: “The Essential of Fabulous” Because Whatever Doesn’t Work Here Anymore by Ellen Lubin-Sherman at Sylvestor & Co. Savannah. I read this book on my way back from Savannah. It has great advice. I sure hope we can all learn to be fabulous by displaying a great attitude in life.

My family enjoyed our short getaway, from the 4 hour car ride to walking the charming streets, taking pictures and good food. We have fun enjoying the simple things in life, because it’s all about the positive attitude we display.

I encourage you to take the time to appreciate the simple things tomorrow during your day to day activities or during your next vacation. Pay attention to those little things that sometimes we take for granted. It might “just” be a door or a wall, or a child that smiles at you while walking.

Enjoy the fabulous and warmth of the simple things!!

Photo Courtesy of Melody Pagán

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