A little girl dressed in a light pink long dress is ready for Easter… a white pamela hat adorns her curls and a white small purse is draped on her arm. She is so excited! After church, she arrives home to find a beautiful woven basket filled with an adorable lavender bunny and other goodies, … Continue reading FOND MEMORIES AND GOOD FOOD


Today is a make your own word day… so I thought I could celebrate one of my personal goals by making my own word…Hoopniversary!!!! I am celebrating my 2 month Hoopniversary. I have kept for two months straight my commitment of doing 30 minutes of exercise 4 days a week, and specifically I wanted to … Continue reading HOOPNIVERSARY


This is a simple dessert recipe my mom taught my son to make. He came home today and as a great baker he is, he offered at school to make his favorite simple Strawberry cream Pie for a farewell party tomorrow for one of his teachers that is leaving. Ok, let’s do this! Luckily it … Continue reading STRAWBERRY CREAM PIE